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Time for Employers to be Proactive in the Prevention of Workplace Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Time for Employers to be Proactive in the Prevention of Workplace Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

The Solution: CAYGO® Digital Slip, Trip & Fall Management Solution

The innovative SeaChange CAYGO® Slip, Trip & Fall Management Partnership focuses on improving housekeeping standards and reducing the increasing problem that Slip, Trip & Fall (STF) causes business organisations, both in terms of risk and associated liability claims. Public and Employee Slip, Trip & Fall incidents are consistently the most frequent occurrences in the commercial business and insurance sector (e.g Retail, Hotels, SMEs and their insurance partners). The resulting claims have added to a growing claims culture and increased premiums year on year. But our CAYGO® system can separate you from the heard by improving your housekeeping standards on a continuous basis and providing an interactive and proactive system that manages the risk of Slip, Trip & Fall in your business.

SeaChange experts first provides an in-depth and site-specific STF risk assessment of your business. We then train and upskill key staff on site to run the easy to use CAYGO® system that ensures all areas of your business are proactively checked and managed routinely for STF hazards and corrective actions. SeaChange® connects your site to our Online Portal and we monitor all automated reports and uploads on a monthly basis through our innovative CAYGO® on-site app and digital portal. SeaChange® experts also audit each client site annually to benchmark performance. The partnership facilitates the growth of a strong health and safety culture leading to reduced accidents and claims, which is the ultimate goal for all concerned. SeaChange has also developed alliance with proactive insurance companies and brokers who recognise that risk must be managed 24/7 in order to leverage competitive premium rates. The CAYGO® Partnership has numerous features and benefits including:

  • A Site-Specific Slip, Trip & Fall Risk AssessmentA Bespoke &
  • Digital Housekeeping System to Improve STF Prevention Standards 24/7
  • Management Training & Certification on the CAYGO® Digital Solution
  • Reductions in Slip, Trip & Fall Incidents
  • Reductions in Costly Slip, Trip & Fall Claims
  • Defence against Fraudulent Claims
  • Positively Impact Insurance Costs

See the difference the innovative CAYGO® Solution can make within the retail sector: Most high footfall businesses (and their insurance partners) are unfortunately not adequately aware of and adept at risk management, especially when it comes to addressing the area of slip, trip and fall. SeaChange, an Irish-based company, resolves these issues through their behavior-based risk management systems. “We know that 80-95% of accidents are behavior-based and to manage risk effectively it is critical to impact behavior,” says Dr. Paul Cummins, Managing Director. The primary risk factor responsible for the highest liability claims frequency and cost is Slip, Trip, and Fall (STF). The high rate of STF accidents in the workplace leads to the most frequent number of both public and employee claims in high footfall sectors such as the Retail Sector. In some circumstances, STF causes up to 65% of liability claims and a large proportion of that massive figure is due to poor housekeeping and a distinct lack of proactive STF risk management practices. SeaChange has responded by developing an innovative and dynamic ‘behavior-based’ solutions called CAYGO®- a Slip, Trip, & Fall Management Digital Product to effectively manage liability risk factors in high footfall sectors.

The CAYGO® Slip, Trip & Fall Management Digital Product proactively and exponentially improves housekeeping behavior standards in high-footfall sectors and instantly reduces the likelihood of STF accidents to decrease the client’s risk ratio. Staff are trained to run the digital product that automatically checks and manages the business areas routinely for STF hazard identification and corrective action. This digital product connects the business to SeaChange’s Online Portal where SeaChange experts remotely monitor all automated reports and leaderboards on a monthly basis to provide oversight and ensure better compliance rating.

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