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The Slip, Trip & Fall Risk Management Solution: The CAYGO™ Digital App

The Slip, Trip & Fall Risk Management Solution: The CAYGO™ Digital App

The CAYGO™ Digital B2B solution is the most effective housekeeping system to reduce the risk of Slip, Trip & Fall for high-footfall businesses and their insurance partner stakeholders.

CAYGO™ Digital is designed to help businesses improve housekeeping standards and reduce both the frequency and cost of Slip, Trip & Fall accidents, incidents and consequential claims. It uses automated scheduling to maintain consistency throughout the day while ensuring that no checks are missed.

This innovative system also uses NFC tags to qualify locations / zones meaning that the ‘Staff Checker’ was physically present in that location. This App is completely customisable to business user requirements (i.e. schedule intervals and key risk zones) and a CAYGO™ Check can be done by any member of staff and just takes 30 seconds on average to complete!

The system provides detailed and automated reporting that supports business owners and insurance stakeholders in reducing client risk ratio, increasing client defensibility, tackling fraudulent claims and liability exposure.

CAYGO™ Digital App Results

Since its market launch; over the past 18 months the CAYGO™ Digital system has provided the following market-leading results across the SeaChange client base who operate the system:

  • 2,529,620… CAYGO™ Zone Checks Completed
  • 3,045,430… Slip, Trip & Fall Hazards Removed
  • 30,454… Near Misses Prevented
  • 3,045… Recordable Injuries Prevented
  • 305… Lost Time Incidents (LTI) Prevented
  • €3,660,000… saved in non-insurance related LTI costs
  • 10… Serious Injuries Prevented
  • 50%… Reduction in Claim Frequency

If your business is experiencing any of these real issues outlined above, SeaChange can provide a bespoke and cost-effective Risk Management Solution to fit your needs, your people and your organisation, while also delivering real results.

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