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The Slip, Trip & Fall Challenge in High Footfall Sectors

The Slip, Trip & Fall Challenge in High Footfall Sectors

High footfall business sectors (e.g. retail, hospitality, sport & leisure) are required to manage the pervasive risk of Slip, Trip & Fall (STF) on a daily basis. Slip, Trip & Fall accidents are the most common cause of injury in high footfall sectors.

Some of the alarming statistics below demonstrate how important it is to manage the risk of STF in Irish high footfall sectors:

  • Reported workplace accidents have increased by 42% between 2013 and 2019
  • The average non-insured cost of a lost time incident (LTI) in the workplace ranges from €9,000 – €12,000 for businesses with up to 50 staff
  • On average across all sectors in 2019, 24% of all reported injuries were due to slip, trip & fall and over 30% occurred in high footfall sectors (e.g. retail, hospitality, sport & leisure)
  • 15-25% of Slip, Trip & Fall accidents lead to serious injuries (classified at 3+ days out of work)
  • In some high footfall sectors Slip, Trip & Fall hazards cause up to 65% of liability claims
  • The average cost of an Employers liability award was €29,859 in 2019
  • The average cost of a Public liability award was €26,189 in 2019
  • A HSA analysis of over 10,000 workplace inspections showed that over 30% of high footfall workplaces had no slip, trip and fall risk assessments in place
  • An analysis of the causal factors leading to STF accidents show that it is often employee behaviour (e.g. poor housekeeping) that leads to the hazards and consequential incidents
  • STF incidents & consequential claims have contributed to increases in average liability insurance premium costs by 30%+ since 2016
  • High-footfall operators do not have adequate systems of reporting to defend against fraudulent claims
  • Preventive safety measures are not sufficiently implemented within business operations to support the defence of certain claims, especially when it comes to Slip, Trip & Fall risk
  • There is a general lack of ownership and accountability from employers, employees and customers for their own personal safety and risk awareness around STF hazards

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