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The human factor. Thoughts and observations.

The life-blood of any organisation is its people; the success of every system, in every organisation is determined by human factors. We are seeking a deep understanding of these human factors; these are some of our thoughts and observations.

The Mothering & Fathering of Leadership in Organisations- Part 3 Establishing Trust

The Mothering & Fathering of Leadership in Organisations- Part 3 Establishing Trust

Establishing Value and Trust in the Solution


The key is for a mental shift at the top to happen – leaders and key managers must take responsibility for establishing trust and value in the workplace, for communicating this message effectively, and for establishing structures to support this from the ground up.

We are all conditioned to trust a consistent message (learned early from our father figures) and to feel valued through involvement and consideration (learned early from our mother figures). Organisations that establish trust and value can transform the workplace and ensure sustainable results. SeaChange have identified the factors leading to undesired behaviours, and have a way of measuring the current organisational position, designing solutions to achieve behavioural breakthroughs, and measuring progress over time.

The vast majority of people actively seek trust and value as core needs in any group, and most desire to behave according to expectations.

Leadership must see the bigger picture, and management must manage accordingly. Ignoring such fundamental personal truths and group dynamics in organisations while trying to improve and grow would be like trying to walk with no legs.

Some argue that human error is unavoidable, so why try to prevent it? This attitude is the biggest risk of all. Organisations can either adopt a sustainable leadership approach, or continue to drive a wedge that widens the gap. It is that simple.



“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” ~Gandhi

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