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The Cost of Slip, Trip & Fall Incidents

The Cost of Slip, Trip & Fall Incidents

The cost of a Slip, Trip & Fall (STF) incident is multivariable and comes with very serious repercussions. A cross-sectoral average between markets demonstrates on average that 15-25% of all STF accidents lead to a serious debilitative injury and in some cases have been fatal.

The individual costs include loss of income; pain from injury; reduced quality of life; worry and stress while the costs for the employer include:

  • Insured Costs (injury, ill-health, damage)
  • Product, plant, equipment damage
  • Production/operation delays
  • Overtime working, temporary labour and training
  • Loss of expertise and experience
  • Investigation time
  • Clerical effort
  • Fines, effect of accidents
  • Reputational / brand damage

The average insured cost of a STF accident in Ireland within the high footfall sector ranges approximately from €32,000 – €35,000. If the moral case to manage the enduing and dynamic STF risk in your business is not enough, the financial case is significant when you take into account the non-insured and insured costs of a STF incident.

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