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SeaChange: Our Digital Solutions

SeaChange: Our Digital Solutions

Our Digital Product Team have been busy developing software solutions to support our clients in their effective EHSand Risk Management efforts.

CAYGO™ Digital

CAYGO™ Digital is designed to help businesses improve housekeeping standards and reduce the frequency and cost of Slip, Trip & Fall accidents, incidents and consequential claims. The CAYGO™ Digital application is user-friendly, customisable, fully automated and available instantly via phone or desktop.

It uses automated scheduling to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the day ensuring that no checks are missed. It also uses NFC tags to qualify locations / zones meaning that the ‘Staff Checker’ was physically present in that location.

CAYGO™ Digital provides detailed and automated reporting that supports business owners and insurance stakeholders in reducing client risk ratio, increasing client defensibility, tackling fraudulent claims and liability exposure.

JSA™ Online Training Platform

JSA™ (Job Safety Awareness) has been the backbone of our visual H&S standards delivery since the company was founded in 2005. JSA™ is a visual way of communicating Risk & Controls in a simple and easy to understand format. 75% of the population learn best through visuals; as the saying goes ‘A Picture paints 1,000 words’.

The roll-out of our JSA™ Online Training Platform was expedited when COVID-19 hit earlier this year. This innovative cloud-based solution engages and trains staff on best practice safety standards, hazard identification, risk management, H&S compliance and important safety controls – all vitally important to operate safely in their work environment.

Moving to JSA™ Online improves the process of communicating & quizzing employees by offering a paperless and easy to use platform. This leads to automated reporting, operational efficiencies and significant cost-savings while supporting and maintaining staff safety behaviours.

SeaChange Check & Inspection App

By listening to our existing customers, we quickly understood that a more professional and customisable Check & Inspection App was required for high footfall sectors.

So this September we launched a Check & Inspection App that uses NFC tagging and customised scheduling to ensure quality data is recorded automatically whilst performing Checks. It includes Industry specific Check & Inspection templates but most importantly, it easily allows you to create bespoke Checks & Inspections that are specific to your Business.

COVID-19 has led to the requirement for all Businesses to perform enhanced cleaning on a consistent and pre-scheduled basis – our new Check & Inspection App ensures that your Staff are engaged in maintaining operational procedures at predetermined intervals while automatically reporting on compliance and key corrective actions.

For more detailed information and consultancy support on how to prepare and plan for COVID-19 onsite, contact our Office. Call us now on +353 45 856 028, or email us on (SeaChange home page here)

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