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SeaChange Covid-19 Safety Champion Training & Certification Course

SeaChange Covid-19 Safety Champion Training & Certification Course

It is paramount that all workplaces operating during the COVID-19 pandemic ensure they are protecting and informing their workforce and minimising the risk of spread of infection. This virtual Training Course will inform the trainee how to carry out the role of COVID-19 Safety Champion in line with the Government and HSE recommendations on the management of COVID-19 in the Return to Work Safely Protocol document, where it is mandated that a Lead Worker Representative is appointed.

What is Required?

Each workplace is required to appoint at least one lead worker representative who, together with the employer’s COVID-19 Response Management Team, will be responsible for ensuring safety measures are being followed. There should be a proportionate number of worker representatives for the number of employees and representatives should be clearly identifiable and fully trained to carry out the function.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of the lead worker role or looking to undertake it. It is recommended that the role holder is not a member of the senior management team, but if necessary, supervisors and managers can be appointed to the role. Larger workplaces should ensure to appoint enough lead worker representatives to cover shifts and greater workforce numbers.

Course Overview:

  1. What the law requires
  2. Understanding COVID-19
  3. Understanding Individual Responses
  4. Role of the COVID-19 Safety Champion 
  5. Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Control
  6. Personal Protective Equipment & Personal Hygiene
  7. Responding to a Suspected Case of COVID-19
  8. Mental Health & Wellbeing
  9. FAQs

What each participant will receive:

  • Training + Certification Course by OSH Expert
  • Course Presentation in PDF Format
  • FAQs sheet
  • Certification Document per participant
  • Access to further support if required through our leading H&S partner SeaChange Ltd.

For more information on our SeaChange Covid-19 Champion Training & Certification Course (and other Covid-19 Solutions) you can contact the SeaChange Customer Support Team on 045 856 028 or

For more info and continuous content updates see their COVID-19 specific content and solutions page here

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