Year on Year Savings for Compliance, Training and Insurance.

Retail Case Study: Eurospar Lucan

The Challenge

How to train staff on H&S best practices and free up management time to work on other parts of the business.

Tony found that he was focusing a lot of time and energy into correctly training staff on H&S best practice and wanted to find a system where employees could become more accountable and at the same time increase safety in all areas of the store.

The Solution

Employed use of the SeaChange way to effectively communicate any operation in the store.

SeaChange came in and through JSA training and boards, provided high engagement for staff with the SeaChange system. By visiting the premises, creating dedicated visuals and following up with phone calls, SeaChange designed and shaped a solution that perfectly fitted and matched the initial needs.

The Benefits

Improvements in staff engagement, time freed up for management, costs cut.

Thanks to the high level of engagement created by SeaChange, staff are now accountable and self-managing when it comes to H&S. For example, one person attended the ‘Slips, Trips & Falls’ seminar and communicated the message to every employee back in the store, leaving management free to focus on the business. Staff behave more safely, because the system connects them to safety and awareness is now front of mind.

On top of the H&S benefits, Tony saw year on year savings for compliance, training and insurance.

I would like the SeaChange system to be used for every operation in my store, from H&S to stocking and finance. Tony O’Connor: Store Owner – EUROSPAR Lucan

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