Triode Newhill

Accidents down 42%. Claim costs down 40%. Insurance premiums downs 7%.

The Challenge

Needed greater safety awareness and behaviour change

In 2011 Triode Newhill, which operates over 100 BWG stores on a franchised basis committed to a progressive and proactive approach to safety risk management. The group wanted to increase safety awareness, increase safe behaviours across the group, and reduce the likelihood of accidents and claims.

The Solution

A non-traditional, proactive risk management approach

Triode Newhill were seeking a non-traditional, proactive risk management approach. On a word of mouth recommendation, Triode Newhill’s commercial director, David Bagnall contacted SeaChange. Triode Newhill then introduced the SeaChange system, which is built around visualisation of risk and staff interactive engagement. SeaChange met the workforce in local groups, with the aim of getting people to focus on safety in their own work area. Job Safety Awareness (JSA) Posters were created using SeaChange’s proprietary software and displayed in local work areas to bring local hazards and risks to life. Action teams and store champions were selected and corrective action boards were set up. Safety workshops were held and training provided. Safety activities on the ground were linked to key performance indicators.

The Benefits

Accidents down 42%. Claim costs down 40%. Insurance premiums downs 7%.

Within two years of adopting the system accident frequency reduced by 42%. Employer liability slip/trip/fall, manual handling claims and public liability claims have been reduced. The cost of claims has been reduced by 40%. Insurance premiums have been reduced by 7%. Store staff and management have engaged with the interactive system, leading to sustainable safety results.

  • SeaChange is an Investment, not a Cost

    Huge ROI from investing in managing risk the right way

As a result of the behavioural based safety system Triode Newhill has experienced a significant improvement in employee engagement, housekeeping and productivity David Bagnall, Commercial Director, Triode Newill

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