Huge ROI through SeaChange Partnership

Retail Case Study: Spar Patrick Street

The Challenge

To bring attention to areas like H&S, ensure safe behaviours of staff and keep safety real in-store.

Alan believes in best practices and wanted a system implemented in his store which would bring H&S best practice to the business. It was also important that whoever came in, would not simply roll out a box-ticking exercise, but bring about a shift in behaviour and real change.

The Solution

SeaChange brought about a change in culture and behaviour.

It was important to highlight to staff the importance of safety in the workplace and areas where it mattered most. By fully engaging them in the discussion and creating specific plans and visuals for the store, staff could then become more accountable and create a safer culture or workplace safety.

The Benefits

Safer environment for staff and customers thanks to an easy to follow system.

Alan no longer has to police H&S best practice in his store, the system and staff do it for him. Staff love it and are much more engaged in the whole process and allows them to give more attention to the important things in the business.

Introducing the SeaChange system also decreased the store’s insurance premium by €580 and brought indirect savings in corrective lists and lost time.

SeaChange is great because it eases my worries around H&S as an owner Alan Kealy: Store Owner – SPAR Patrick St. Dublin

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