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75% of people learn through visual means

Bring H&S Risk Assessments to Life through the Job Safety Awareness (JSA SAFE-T™ ) Software

Did you know that….

  • 75% of people learn best through visual means
  • Gen Y are particularly susceptible to visual learning, and make-up the majority of the workplace
  • People need to be involved and engaged in best practice
  • Foreign and local staff need any message communicated in easy to understand, practical and user-friendly ways
  • Best practice must reflect the bespoke nature of any operation

The Job Safety Awareness SAFE-T™ Software is innovative in its approach to communicating risk effectively at a world-class health and safety standard through a user friendly programme. The cloud-hosted software allows EHS managers, Facility Managers, Operations Managers and EHS Managers to easily and quickly capture, input and store critical information into a personalised smart-library. It then remembers and recalls critical information for efficient JSA™ (Job-Safety Awareness) Visual Risk Assessment creation to communicate local risk and increase staff awareness is a simple and effective way.

The software calculates risk based on international standards and communicates risk through an effective visual medium (individualised JSA™ Risk Assessment Visuals) that engages operators and captures local risk. The Job Safety Awareness SAFE-T™ Software visuals connect local risk assessments to local operators and are used as a training tool to increase operator knowledge and awareness on local and site-wide standards.

The Job Safety Awareness SAFE-T™ Software  is quick, convenient, smart and user-friendly. The software is also compatible across multiple technologies which increases the efficiency and productivity of the service. The state-of-the-art software provides consistent and reliable client support and application updates all hosted in the cloud.

The Job Safety Awareness SAFE-T™ Software is very user-friendly. It easily animates risk and the JSA boards visualise risk and local best practice Ruairi McConville, Lab Technician, Danone Wexford

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