To Achieve Sustainable Safety Standards in Your Business
You need everyone's commitment

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Are you under increasing pressure to meet and maintain legally required Health & Safety + Risk Management Standards across your business?

Do you find, despite the safety systems you‘ve put in place to meet the legal requirements, it’s challenging to get everyone to fully engage and take responsibility for standards?

Are you fed up of paying for traditional safety solutions that only ‘tick the safety box’ and don’t make any difference to the likelihood of accidents, incidents and consequent claims occurring?

Do you want to get on return on your safety investment that will reduce the risk of accidents, save you € on legally required training, reduce the cost and frequency of claims and help to manage your insurance costs?

Do you want a Real Return on your H&S Investment?

You know that without everyone’s commitment you’re exposed to errors, accidents and associated claims

Obviously you need to do all you can to avoid an incident. You need to protect people, products, equipment and productivity. You know errors are costly; in terms of quality, time, reputation, revenue and insurance. So you need a Safety Culture where everyone is genuinely committed to best practice, where everyone takes full responsibility for their part. How do you achieve such commitment?

Reduce Accidents & Incidents; Reduce Claims Cost & Frequency; Reduce Insurance Costs

Change through people - a Safety Culture shift

A culture of ownership is required for an organisation to naturally, easily and consistently meet Safety Standards. To improve Safety Culture you need to change how people feel, what they see, how they think, how they communicate and how they act. Real and lasting change can only be created with and through people. More effective communications is the catalyst for such a change. Everyone playing their part; including senior management, frontline management and the operational staff.

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Senior Management

The senior team need the leadership and communications skills to inspire people to engage with and take ownership of Safety Standards. They need to provide practical Risk Management Systems to enable the frontline team to easily monitor and manage Safety Standards

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Frontline Management

Frontline management need to ensure that the agreed Risk Management Processes and Systems work and become a natural part of how things are done. They need the communications skills to fully engage and coach the operational staff in Safety Best Practice.

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Operational Staff

The operational staff need Practical Risk Management Systems and Processes that work in their specific work area. They need to trust management but they also need to feel valued by them. All need to take complete ownership for how the work is done.

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