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Managing the risk of Slip, Trip & Fall

Managing the risk of Slip, Trip & Fall

The key to managing the risk of slip, trip and fall is to ensure good and consistent housekeeping standards on a routine basis; purely because there is a high positive correlation between good housekeeping and the reduction in the frequency of Slip, Trip & Fall (STF) incidents.

STF hazards require constant housekeeping management within high footfall business sectors as the dynamic nature of these business sectors constantly recycle hazards that require routine addressing. Some hazards are acute (e.g. spillage, debris, clutter); others are behavioural (e.g. staff member walking by a STF hazard); and others are chronic (e.g. uneven surface).

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has identified a cross-sectoral overview of causal factors leading to STF incidents in Ireland and below are some of the primary STF hazards in order of frequency:

  • Descending Stairs
  • Hazards in Customer Walkways
  • Slippery and Wet Surfaces
  • Exiting Vehicles
  • Walkways
  • Ice
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Hazards at Entrances and Exits

Numerous examples have been cited in court, where STF hazards were often left on the ground for hours with multiple staff members walking right by them before a member of the public then had accidents. This is a behavioural issue, and the fact that 80-95% of all workplace accidents are behaviour-based provides further proof that the majority of STF incidents are preventable if the business is proactive in managing this constant risk.

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