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LeanPlus Performance Grant to Fund SeaChange’s Business Continuity Solutions

LeanPlus Performance Grant to Fund SeaChange’s Business Continuity Solutions

SeaChange have been identified by Enterprise Ireland, the IDA and the NSAI as an essential Business Continuity & Recovery Service Supplier to all businesses during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our bespoke COVID-19 Risk Management solutions focus on ensuring your business manages its continuity and recovery effectively.

Our solutions include:

  1. Rapid Response Programme
  2. COVID-19 JSA E-Training and Awareness Pack
  3. Addition of a COVID-19 Library/Cleaning Checks in our CAYGO® Digital Solution
  4. Remote Training and Consultancy as and when required
  5. Bespoke Design as and when required

LeanPlus Performance Grant Overview

  • If your business currently employs more than 50 full time staff, you can apply for the LeanPlus Performance Support which covers ‘lean business continuity’ projects up to €70,000 and the grant covers 50% of the project cost. The process is quite straight-forward and the steps are as follows:
  • Contact your local enterprise office asap to get the ball rolling
  • Apply with details and costing of the programme with ourselves to a max. of €70,000 (this can include consultancy; rapid response; staff training, business continuity; business recovery etc.)
  • Get the application in and signed off
  • Engage with SeaChange to begin your Business Continuity & Recovery Journey

SeaChange really urge you to avail of this limited support which will greatly assist with contingency planning to facilitate continuity of trading through the crisis and support your business back into normality.

SeaChange are happy to support you with this application process. You can access the application information below:

For more detailed information and consultancy support on how to prepare and plan for your Business Continuity efforts, contact SeaChange about their excellent and comprehensive ‘Covid-19 Business Continuity Solutions’.  Call us now on +353 45 856 028, or email us on

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