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Leading your Team during a Crisis: 7 Expected Outcomes

Leading your Team during a Crisis: 7 Expected Outcomes

The COVID-19 Pandemic is unprecedented in its novelty, speed, impact and risk. A crisis by its nature causes fear and uncertainty, and both leaders and their teams will be very anxious about their organisation’s outlook into the future.

However, as unlikely as it seems right now, this pandemic will pass over time and business organisations need to be ready to get back to what they do best. Importantly, the actions and behaviours of business leaders and their teams right now will significantly determine how organisations will fare in the long months ahead.

If business leaders follow the 5 Tips to Effectively Leading your Team in a Crisis, the following 7 outcomes can be expected when the pandemic eventually passes:

  • The inherent risk of COVID-19 will be limited in its impact to business continuity and recovery in the short and long term
  • The business will be in a better position to resume their positions prior to the COVID-19 crisis
  • Clear and planned actions throughout the organisation will be implemented as part of the business continuity and recovery roadmap to sustain the organisation
  • New and innovative ways of working will be established and serve to sustain the organisation going forward
  • Your people will be informed, engaged and thankful for your authenticity and direct communication during the crisis
  • Overall, your organisation’s culture will be strengthened in light of the resilience shown during the pandemic which will lead to both tangible and intangible returns in staff morale, good will, brand loyalty and productivity
  • In overcoming the current challenge, your business will be strengthened in every core pillar and will be better positioned to grow and succeed in normalised market conditions which will inevitably return

Effective leadership during a crisis is all about guiding people to the best outcome over the longer term, where strategic decisions based on predicting the likely future becomes very important. No matter what challenge individuals and companies face…

“the magic always happens when we are placed outside of our comfort zone”

And we are all outside of our comfort zones currently. To conclude, think broadly, act strategically, connect with your people and lead your business continuity and recovery in an effective and sustainable way.

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