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Key Information about the Lean Business Continuity Voucher Application Process

Key Information about the Lean Business Continuity Voucher Application Process

SeaChange have been identified by Enterprise Ireland, the IDA and the NSAI as an essential Business Continuity & Recovery Service Supplier to all businesses during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our bespoke COVID-19 Risk Management solutions focus on ensuring your business manages its continuity and recovery effectively.

Our solutions include:

  1. Rapid Response Programme
  2. COVID-19 JSA E-Training and Awareness Pack
  3. Addition of a COVID-19 Library/Cleaning Checks in our CAYGO® Digital Solution
  4. Remote Training and Consultancy across a range of solutions as and when required
  5. Bespoke Design as and when required

In this application overview, the ‘Company’ is the entity applying for the voucher and the ‘Service Provider’ is SeaChange Ltd. The Offer is essentially a 100% grant for a company to engage SeaChange services up to a maximum value of €2,500.

Key points about the support:


Any client of EI, IDA or Údarás na Gaeltachta should apply to Enterprise Ireland for support:

The applications are all through the Enterprise Ireland online application system.

Clients of the LEOs should apply to their local LEO – through here:

Companies who are not clients of any of those agencies should contact to see if they can be eligible for support. We are widening the definition of an EI client during this period.


Support is for Training or Advisory Services related to the OPERATIONS of a company. That could be Lean process flows, supply chains, or pretty much anything that you can help them with in terms of either keeping operations running or planning for re-opening or re-launching in a different way if they have been shut. Health & Safety is a critical aspect to be addressed during the current crisis and SeaChange are uniquely positioned to support you with this.


The company will apply online via Enterprise Ireland from this page:

The application form is very simple – the key questions are:

  • Outline the impact Covid-19 is having on your business
  • Outline the key challenges for which support is being sought
  • Name and role within the company who will lead this project


  • The approval process will be simple and quick – we are aiming for a one-day turnaround in most cases.
  • The company will be issued a voucher which has a link to an online form for acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • On the online form the company is asked:
    1. to identify the service provider they have chosen (SeaChange Ltd.), and,
    2. outline the project that they have agreed with you.
  • The company can then start the project with SeaChange.


  • When the services have been provided SeaChange will invoice the company, including VAT where applicable. Max daily rate is €900 including expenses as usual.
  • Once the service provider has been paid, the company can make a simple online claim for reimbursement from Enterprise Ireland for up to €2500 ex VAT. You will have to send your invoice plus some proof of payment.
  • The company can reclaim any VAT element in the normal way.
  • In general the idea is that a company would get one voucher, but we have allowed provision for up to 3 for a group with separate sites with distinct operations.


These are the terms and conditions printed on the voucher:

Use of the Voucher

  • The voucher can only be used to address business continuity issues as outlined in your application form.
  • The voucher is not a cheque and is non-transferable.

Eligible Activities

  • Eligible activities are for a combination of training or advisory services provided by an approved service provider on the Enterprise Ireland directory of lean business continuity service providers.
  • Eligible activities do not include general consultancy such as market research or project implementation.

Eligible Costs

  • The voucher is only valid for costs incurred after your voucher is registered using the link above.
  • A maximum rate of €900 per day shall apply. Any costs in excess of this rate will be payable by the company directly to the service provider
  • The maximum claim is €2,500 excluding VAT. Any VAT costs charged by the service provider are to be paid by the company and can be reclaimed in the normal way.
  • If the overall project costs exceed the voucher value, the additional amount will be incurred by the company.

Final Claim Date

  • The project duration shall not exceed 6 weeks from the date the voucher is registered, after which the service provider may invoice for the work completed at that point.
  • Only one claim is allowed per voucher, even if the full value has not been used.
  • The final claim date for your voucher will be 6 months from the issue date on your voucher.


  • Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, or Údarás na Gaeltachta will not be held liable or responsible for any problems/issues arising between the client and the service provider.

For more detailed information and consultancy support on how to prepare and plan for your Business Continuity efforts, contact SeaChange about their excellent and comprehensive ‘Covid-19 Business Continuity Solutions’.  Call us now on +353 45 856 028, or email us on

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