Thought Leadership

The human factor. Thoughts and observations.

The life-blood of any organisation is its people; the success of every system, in every organisation is determined by human factors. We are seeking a deep understanding of these human factors; these are some of our thoughts and observations.

Effectively Leading Safety Culture Change – The Challenge

Effectively Leading Safety Culture Change – The Challenge

Leading change in any domain is a challenge. Hurdles present themselves in numerous ways including the following 8 common obstacles:

  • Current culture
  • Existing attitudes and systems
  • Time and resource pressures
  • Effective communication
  • Variability in people
  • Manager proximity
  • Individual leadership effectiveness
  • Maintaining focus and attention

All leaders face these challenges within various organisational domains (e.g. business, industry, politics, sport) but there are some basics that need to be right in order to drive any change. And good safety management is no different.

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