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Don’t put a ‘Wedge’ in your Retail Risk Management!

Don’t put a ‘Wedge’ in your Retail Risk Management!


The above article points out a common issue in the retail sector, and it is incredible that such a small ‘human error’ can lead to such consequences. However this is the reality, and it is critical that slip, trip & fall (STF) risk is managed on a daily basis across all staff/shifts in all retail zones, so that incidents like the above can be avoided and minimized. Retail sector patterns/trends are highlighting the following problem factors outlined below:

The Problem

1. Slip, Trip & Fall (STF) incidents/accidents are the main public liability risk factor in the retail sector

2. The root cause to most slip, trip & fall (STF) incidents can often be linked to careless staff housekeeping behaviour (reference article above)

3. Good housekeeping is related to reduced STF incidents and associated claims

4. The average public liability claim is 24k

5. Sector claim frequency is on the rise

6. Sector insurance premiums are on the rise

7. 85-95% of all workplace incidents are behaviour-based (think staff housekeeping)

Given these problem factors, it is critical that retailers tackle this issue in a way that a) involves and engages all staff; b) creates accountability across multiple zones; c) improves & maintains good housekeeping practices and d) ensures defensibility through evidence of a robust STF risk management system operating on a daily basis.

The Solution

SeaChange Ltd. has created the proprietary CAYGO™ (Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention) System geared and proven to reduce STF incidents and consequential liability claims in the retail sector. There is a significant correlation between ‘housekeeping’ best practice and the frequency of STF incidents/claims. Our CAYGO™ system ensures housekeeping best practice that delivers the following benefits to our clients:

  • Improved daily accountability for housekeeping throughout your site
  • Site champion trained & certified on the CAYGO™ system
  • CAYGO™ is managed through the portal by the site champion, and this is monitored by SeaChange
  • Reduced STF risk (both public & employee)
  • Reduced incidents and claims (both public & employee)
  • Ability to manage insurance into the future
  • Ability to defend spurious incidents through evidence of robust system
  • Proof of risk management at time of insurance renewal

If you are looking to separate yourself from the herd, improve housekeeping, reduce STF risk and save money in your business contact SeaChange ltd.

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