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COVID-19 Positive Identification – Control Measures, Cleaning and Return to Work Guidance – 7 Steps to Cleaning

COVID-19 Positive Identification – Control Measures, Cleaning and Return to Work Guidance – 7 Steps to Cleaning

7 – Steps to Cleaning where Covid 19 may be present

In this post SeaChange provides general guidelines, aligned with HSPC guidance, regarding the range and nature of cleaning that must occur in an environment where a person suspected of or testing positive for COVID-19 has been working. Note that the strong advice from the HSE and other official sources is to remain open, and to carry out the appropriate cleaning procedures so that business can resume normally as quickly as possible.

  1. Identify the area(s) the person has been working in: List the main area(s) of work, the area(s) the person would have visited and also the access routes they would have taken.
  2. Risk Assess the areas: Assess the risk of infection of surfaces by establishing the frequency & duration the person was present in the various areas.
  3. Decide cleaning approach: Based on risk assessment, areas will be categorised into zones – Hot, Warm, Cold – and each of these will require a specific level of cleaning.
  4. Cordon off cleaning zones: Prohibit entry temporarily into the cleaning zones by setting up barriers or tape, with signage.
  5. Use trained personnel: Ensure those with the responsibility for cleaning are properly trained and ready for it. 
  6. Use correct PPE: Ensure each person has the appropriate personal protective equipment for the type of cleaning they ae carrying out and that this is disposed of safely afterwards.
  7. Return site to normality: As soon as the cleaned area(s) dry completely, remove the barrier(s) and resume normal operations there.

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