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Cover your Cough / Sneeze

Cover your Cough / Sneeze

SeaChange have identified the 10 safety behaviours we can all do to Starve the COVID-19 Beast! We explain why they are important, what to do, and how make each safety behaviour a long-lasting habit. See below for key information on: Covering your Cough / Sneeze:

Why you should ensure Covering your Cough / Sneeze:

Covering your Cough / Sneeze greatly reduces the spread of COVID-19

When should you Cover Up?

Constantly! We must remember that the ideal way of coughing or sneezing is to do it into a disposable tissue that we must then throw away in a bin, then wash or sanitise our hands. Only if that is not possible should we aim for the crook of our elbow. Because old habits die hard, you might end up still using your hands – when that happens, you must wash your hands thoroughly and immediately.

In the video below Andrew talks to us about the importance of covering up.

Triggers to Form the Habit(s):

You can use cues to remind you of using your elbow or tissue such as:

  1. snapping your fingers
  2. snapping an elastic band on your wrist
  3. use anything that will make the desired behaviour more memorable
  4. trick your brain into thinking this is extremely important – yes, the same way you would use a clicker to train your dog!

Find out how one Teacher in The US uses the D.A.B. (Destroy All Bacteria) technique effectively to promote covering up when coughing or sneezing. The video can be found here.

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