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The life-blood of any organisation is its people; the success of every system, in every organisation is determined by human factors. We are seeking a deep understanding of these human factors; these are some of our thoughts and observations.

Massive congratulations are in order for two of our very own partner retail stores!

Massive congratulations are in order for two of our very own partner retail stores!

Earlier on this year Kane & McCartney’s SuperValu store in Killester was awarded the highly regarded ‘SuperValu Store of the Year Award 2015’. The store received the much-coveted accolade at the SuperValu National Conference which was held in the Malton Hotel, Killarney on the 12th of March.

SeaChange first started working with the Killester store in February 2013 and since then, in conjunction with Richard Ward and the rest of the proactive management team there, our interactive risk management system has been so well championed that SuperValu Killester has achieved standards in health & safety that have combined with their general best-practice success to place them head and shoulders above all other stores nationwide.

We are also very proud to number Nisa Extra Rathfriland as another one of our many excellent clients nationwide. Nisa Extra Rathfriland recently won the ‘Nisa’s Store of the Year Award 2015’.

We started working with this store in October 2014 and the incredible work and commitment to quality is a credit to the whole team in Rathfriland. They have proved that they can meet and exceed standards across the board, meet all customer and shareholder demands and surpass all other chains under the Nisa brand name. Additionally, the Nisa group very impressively operates 2,500 stores across Ireland and the UK, some in much more prominent areas than on the outskirts of Newry, but their store in Rathfriland still trumps the lot!

The SeaChange Retail Risk Management System help organisations reduce costs by reducing accidents, claim frequency and costs, H&S training costs, and even insurance premiums through our unique annual SABRE™ Audits. These savings on health and safety can then be made available to other sections of the business, helping to improve the organisation in a sustainable way. Our retail partnership also ensures 100% legal compliance which provides owners and managers peace of mind and more time to concentrate proactive safety management rather than simply just ‘ticking the H&S box’.

SeaChange purposely chooses to work with and helps to develop the most progressive and forward-thinking retailers and outlets in the industry sector nationwide. The way forward for  Risk Management- as  demonstrated in the recent success of SuperValu Killester and Nisa Rathfriland- SeaChange brings visible benefits  for those who are leading the way in retail excellence on the Island of Ireland.

 “The benefits of having the SeaChange system across our 5 Supervalu stores are greater teamwork, much more focus on accident prevention at shop floor level and the reassurance of having a robust system for managing risk going forward.”

Eddie Kane, Managing Director, Kane & McCartney Group.

Congratulations once again to SuperValu Killester and Nisa Rathfriland, and we look forward to continuing to partner with all of our progressive retailers into the future.




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