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“We introduced SeaChange to our flagship Triode Newhill Retail Group of over 100 retail stores in order to improve Safety Standards and Safety Behaviours in 2012 and we haven’t looked back since. The effectiveness of the SeaChange system has enabled us to reduce the frequency and cost of accidents and associated claims, and secure highly competitive rates from our insurance partners“.

David Bagnall, Operations Director, BWG

“Partnering with SeaChange across our Supervalu stores gives us additional H&S expertise, and the processes to deliver better H&S practices with a greater emphasis on employee and customer welfare. It is reassuring that an independent third party is working with us to ensure that we are delivering best practise, which is a key business objective that we have set ourselves. This in turn has helped us to reduce the frequency in accidents and claims, and positively affected our insurance costs”

Anne Marie Caulfield, Owner, Caulfield & McCarthy Supervalu Group

“As Logistics Manager for Dundrum Town Centre, I find that the SeaChange Health & Safety System is very effective in that it keeps safety visible for all, and involves every employee across all teams. This is of great benefit to the Centre; the system is simple enough to be part of everyday routines, flexible enough to be ‘real time’ and the approach means that correctives get done on a continuous basis. For a proactive safety management system, this is the way to go”.

Gerry Cahalin, Logistics Manager, Dundrum Town Centre

“SeaChange have extensive Risk Management Expertise and Experience which has been invaluable in supporting us to make the right decisions regarding H&S. We have implemented a number of SeaChange Solutions (e.g. CAYGO™ STF Management System) across our group to improve H&S standards and we can now proactively benchmark site-by-site performance daily through the easy to use SeaChange Portal. The SeaChange partnership has assisted us in reducing incidents and associated claims. SeaChange have made a very positive impact on our growing business.”

Edel McSorley, Operations Director, Mr. Price

“For me the benefits of having the SeaChange system across our 5 Supervalu stores are greater teamwork, much more focus on accident prevention at shop floor level, compliance & training and the reassurance of having a robust system for managing risk going forward”

Eddie Kane, Owner, Kane & McCartney SuperValu Group

“The JSA SAFE-T™ Software made the risk assessment process easier and connected our people to the safety message through the visual risk assessment training tools – H&S standards have increased as a result”

Liam Carmody, Site Director, Danone Wexford

“The SeaChange Risk Management systems and on-going partnership has improved safety and housekeeping standards throughout our group. We are managing risk more effectively and safe behaviours are evident from the ground up. The SeaChange partnership is a core part of our business that has enabled us to manage accidents, incidents, claims and the rising costs of insurance”.

Jim Buckley, Owner, Buckley Supervalu Group

“SeaChange have a number of sustainable risk management products and programmes that have proven to reduce risk in key claim areas through proactively ensuring and monitoring safer behaviours and practices within business operations through their interactive approach”

Billy Redmond, Group Development Director, Arachas Insurance

“SeaChange combines expertise with practical solutions and a large emphasis on customer service. For me the benefits of having the SeaChange System across our large retail group are greater teamwork, greater staff awareness of risk, increased savings on H&S training and compliance costs, and reduced accidents, claims and insurance”

Mike Dalton, Retail Director, Corrib Oil

“Aviva is always keen to support best practice. We like the way SeaChange shows hazards in pictorial form. Aviva likes to work with companies that are taking a positive approach to reducing claims. SeaChange, properly used, can help with that and we are very happy to invest in them through BWG.”

Michael Brennan, European Risk Manager, Aviva

“SeaChange and their innovative risk management systems have consistently shown to improve risk and upskill business operations and management in understanding and addressing risk in a proactive way”

Eamonn Kellett, Director Corporate Division, JLT

“SeaChange is installed in Bulmers almost site-wide at this stage, and we see the SeaChange system as key to continuing our Health & Safety ‘best practices’ into the future. While the Risk Assessment cards and all the visuals are excellent, the biggest impact has been made at engagement level: people are motivated to participate in the practical everyday routines introduced by SeaChange, and this is what keeps us safe. We have always found SeaChange to be professional in their approach and delivery, with very high standards of excellence.”

Frank Doheny, Health & Safety Risk Manager Bulmers Ltd.

“SeaChange have an innovative approach to risk management. Their interactive systems connect best practice Health & Safety behaviours to operators and management alike. They have a common sense approach that creates a culture of ownership for safety standards and delivers results. We are more aware of how to identify and control risk, and the SeaChange partnership is highly supportive within our large property management group”.

Ray Geraghty, Divisional Director, Bannon

“SeaChange provide us with a partnership that does not just tick the H&S box. Their innovative system communicates best practice to our staff, provides H&S compliance and ensures we are audited and continuously improve our risk management year on year. We are all about investing in our people here and endeavour to achieve the best in every area of our business”.

John Loughran, Owner, Sandymount Hotel

“SeaChange provide excellent systems to manage operational risk if you are serious about achieving lasting and sustainable results”

Jonathan Hehir, CEO, CFM Group

“The SeaChange system has enabled our clients to manage their risk and ultimately support them in managing their insurance costs into the future as a result”

Declan McCarthy, Director, O’Leary Insurances

“The SeaChange JSA SAFE-T™ System and software introduced a lean management approach to safety for our manufacturing facility, and greatly helped to engage staff, connect best practice to the reality on the ground, and grow a sustainable safety culture over time. We are all about investing in our people here and endeavour to achieve the best in every area of our business”.

Gareth Chambers, CEO, Around Noon

“SeaChange have risk management expertise and systems to support our retail group with our safety compliance, day to day hazard identification and on-going risk management practices. SeaChange systems ensure that each site takes accountability for safety and we recognise this as best practice. SeaChange are very professional to deal with and our partnership with them has helped to reduce the risk of accidents and claims and also provides leverage to manage insurance costs going forward”

Chris Furey, General Manager and Owner, Furey-Smith Group

“SeaChange have proven to reduce risk in key claim areas within the retail sector, and when it comes to insurance, having SeaChange and using their approach is a significant advantage when negotiating competitive premiums in the current difficult marketplace”

Mark Millar, Head of Business Development, Willis Towers Watson

“Just because you have had a good few year’s claims history, doesn’t mean that you are not going to get hit out of the blue. SeaChange is like having ‘Insurance on Insurance’ and when you have it in place, it is something that both Insurance Companies and the Courts look favourably on. Given the claims culture that now exists, Retailers need to try to protect themselves as much as they can and I recommend putting this facility in place in your store without delay”

Brian Fleming, Central Billing and Affinity Programme Manager, BWG.

“One of the best decisions I have made was to partner with SeaChange. Since we began working with them 3 years ago we have reduced our risk, improved our H&S standards and saved money on our insurance premiums across our group of Londis stores. SeaChange is an investment, not a cost”

Seamus Griffin, CEO Griffin Group.

“SeaChange understand best practice and how to deliver excellence in both Health & Safety Standards and Quality Standards within the Healthcare Sector. We at Nua strive for the best and that is why we chose SeaChange as our Safety Partners. Their visual communication tools and common sense approach is critical to understanding and managing risk while also connecting and training our staff on best practice”

Noel Dunne, Chief Operations Officer, Nua Healthcare

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