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Drive real and lasting change

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We implement internal communications programmes to help organisations more easily and more consistently
meet and exceed standards

We change perspectives, introduce new ideas and establish new communications systems. We change the conversation. We help you win hearts and minds. We help implement practical, real, on the ground systems that work. We stimulate cultural change in order to create significant, real and lasting change. We ensure you have the systems to protect and sustain progress.

People want to engage, they want to serve to the best of their abilities. However, poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increase resistance. When people are disengaged they create problems, when they are engaged they find the solutions.

Everyone can see what’s needed - how to bring about change is the challenge. And that’s where we help. We are the how; communications expertise and solutions that are proven to drive change.


Practical Systems

Real & lasting change

Internal communication programmes to drive real and lasting change

We implement deep, scientific, practical communications programmes which are tailored to fit your needs, your people and your organisation. Typical programme rollout includes the following three phases:

Seachange programme-dev

Programme Development

Audit - We assess internal communications and work practices. We identify gaps and opportunities.

Programme Design - We design a communications programme to fit your needs, your people and your organisation.

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Seachange coaching-systems

Coaching & Systems

Coaching - Through listening, understanding and coaching we unlock any resistance and nurture engagement.

Systems - Using our proprietary software we create practical, visual systems to enable frontline people to monitor and manage standards.

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Seachange measure

Measure & Sustain

Measure - Together we monitor and measure progress against agreed targets using SeaChange System Metrics.

Sustain - We provide ongoing assistance with communications and communication systems to truly embed lasting change.

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"A complete transformation in how our people are engaging with health and safety. Incredible."

Liam Carmody, Site Director, Danone Wexford.

Where we make a difference

We apply our expertise and proven approaches and programmes to help:

  • Seachange solution-safety

    Get all onboard with health & safety.

    Empowering and engaging people. Better compliance, fewer accidents with less effort.

  • Seachange solution-standards

    Ensure quality standards are always met.

    We take a unique, human approach to trigger deep engagement from all.

  • Seachange solution-sop

    Develop full engagement with SOPs.

    Developing the communications and the tools to make SOPs second nature for all.

  • Seachange solution-leadership

    Build leadership skills.

    Increasing management's ability to relate to, communicate with and engage their people.

  • Seachange solution-recruitment

    Strengthen recruitment.

    Assessing and selecting the right people for your roles and your organisation. Providing you with a deep insight into the individual.

"It’s great knowing we’re investing in something practical and not to a box-ticking, copy and paste exercise –staff are more accountable, more gets done without my involvement."

Tony O’Connor, Spar Owner, Lucan.

Trusted by some of Europe’s most progressive organisations

From our base in Ireland we work with clients throughout Europe, including Diageo, Danone, Dell, BWG and Musgraves. Primarily we work with clients from the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality and sport & leisure sectors.

  • Seachange manufacturing


    SeaChange provides the missing piece; our products, tools and thinking connects systems to people and behaviour. We help organisations win the hearts and minds of their people.

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  • Seachange retail


    SeaChange brings safety out of the lever arch file onto the ground to manage risk in a real way. Our innovative retail solution is proven to be a wise investment.

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  • Seachange healthcare


    We communicate healthcare standards and manage risk through a visual, engaging process that gives management peace of mind, saves on staff training and reduces claims.

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  • Seachange hospitality


    Our risk management solution improves productivity, staff motivation and housekeeping standards while reducing accidents, claims and Health & Safety training costs.

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  • Seachange sports

    Sports & Leisure

    SeaChange brings a sustainable safety culture to life through visually accessible tools and staff engagement routines, leading to reduced accidents and claims.

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  • Seachange insurance


    Our Safety Attitudes & Behaviours Risk Evaluation (SABRE) tool identifies and rates client risk and accurately predicts future risk, providing insurers with a full risk picture.

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  • Seachange government


    Our visual tools and products allow government bodies to effectively engage, communicate and monitor best practice standards in their organisations.

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  • Seachange bespoke-puzzle


    SeaChange design bespoke solutions to meet a wide range of client requirements based on our innovative thinking and world class experience.

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