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The human factor. Thoughts and observations.

The life-blood of any organisation is its people; the success of every system, in every organisation is determined by human factors. We are seeking a deep understanding of these human factors; these are some of our thoughts and observations.

10 Steps to support the Safety, Health & Welfare of Employees Working from Home

10 Steps to support the Safety, Health & Welfare of Employees Working from Home

1) Stick to Routine: Get up, get dressed; keep your regular routine so it feels like you are going to work.

2) Plan: Write down a list of the daily tasks you need to complete so that you remain focused.

3) Create a Safe Workspace: Designate a space in your home solely for work; set up your computer/ laptop at the right height; use a comfortable desk & chair; ensure adequate lighting & good ventilation.

4) Establish Clear Working Hours: Be clear about your work schedule and stick to it.

5) Go Outside: Get out for fresh air during the day; taking regular breaks & exercise positively impacts productivity.

6) Stay Hydrated & Eat Well: Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.

7) Check-In: It’s critical to check in with your manager/ co-workers at least once a day; remain connected by keeping communication lines open.

8) Manage Isolation: Interact with wider family & friends daily via web chat, email, Skype, etc.

9) Maintain Confidentiality: Verify that up-to-date security protection is installed and active on any devices that you are using for work so that GDPR is respected.

10) Set Boundaries: Maintain a positive work/ life balance by switching off when you have completed your working hours and focusing on your personal life.

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