The Programme

Internal communications programmes
to drive real and lasting change

Seachange programme

We implement deep, scientific, practical communications programmes which are tailored to fit your needs, your people and your organisation.

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Programme Development

Audit - We assess internal communications and work practices. We identify gaps and opportunities.

Programme Design - – We design a communications programme to fit your needs, your people and your organisation.

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Coaching & Systems

Coaching - Through listening, understanding and coaching we unlock any resistance and nurture engagement.

Systems - Using our proprietary software we create practical, visual systems to enable frontline people to monitor and manage standards.

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Seachange measure

Measure & Sustain

Measure - Together we monitor and measure progress against agreed targets using SeaChange System Metrics.

Sustain - We provide ongoing assistance with communications and communication systems to truly embed lasting change.

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Programme Development

  • Audit

    Assessing internal communications and work practices - identify gaps and opportunities.

    Our engagement usually begins with a deep exploration of your current internal communications, work practices and systems. Our team engage in a series of discussions with both management and frontline staff. The ‘SeaChange Culture Footprint Survey’ is used to provide additional information and insights. We endeavour to reveal an honest, accurate, full picture. We identify and assess gaps, challenges and opportunities. This true picture provides a solid foundation on which to design a programme to fit your needs and bring about real, significant and lasting change.

  • Programme Design

    A programme to fit your needs, your people and your organisation

    The audit reveals where you are and what you need. Then, together we determine the scope and ideal approach for your programme. We agree on specific, measurable goals and KPI’s and then plan the journey to take you there. Together we shape and agree a roadmap that will lead to sustainable, positive, measurable change.

SeaChange provide us with simple, yet effective, systems. Safety training, awareness and practice is now verifiable and auditable. John O'Driscoll, HSE Manager, Pepsi Cola International

Accidents down 42%. Claim costs down 40%. Insurance premiums downs 7%.
Triode Newhill

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Coaching & Systems

  • Coaching

    Unlock any resistance and nurture engagement

    Through listening, understanding and coaching we help increase everyone’s engagement with the relevant standards. A people approach; human, practical and powerful. A natural balance of mothering (the softer side) and fathering (the firmer side) that is proven to unlock any resistance, nurture engagement and drive significant, real and lasting change. Through one on one coaching SeaChange specialists build individual roadmaps that connect to your current organisational systems and provide senior and frontline management with real, tangible insights into sustainable leadership. As with everything we do, our coaching provides sustainable results. Our personal roadmaps deliver individualised insights, tools and competencies to help your people lead and manage sustainable change.

  • Systems

    Practical, visual systems to help monitor, communicate and manage standards

    Using our propriety software and behavioural expertise we create practical, visual systems to help your frontline management and frontline staff monitor, communicate and manage standards. Our systems make best practice simple and easy for all. Our systems engage people, provide the tools that bring standards to life, establish routines that connect people and behaviour to process, and measure progress against agreed KPIs. Our systems are designed to assist your organisation in winning the hearts and minds of your most important resource; your people.

    The following innovative SeaChange systems and tools deliver world-class results:

    Safe-T™JSA Software – producing Safety Posters that Visualise Risk in Local Areas & also serve as a Training Tool

    The SATTM System – a proven, practical, visual system for localised safety management

    SeaChange SOP Creator ™ Software – quickly create and publish SOP’s

With the SAT™ System, we now get the chance to address our own local priorities, rather than getting lost in endless lists and lists Barney Byrne, Maintenance Technician, Danone Wexford
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Measure & Sustain

  • Measure

    Measuring progress against agreed targets

    Together we monitor and assess. We measure progress against agreed targets. We provide confidential coaching on a one to one basis for key managers. Our unique approach and our revealing insights help front line managers see the impact of their management style on others. We create personalised roadmaps and measure progress at a front-line management level. We establish clear metrics around the SeaChange systems and tools that represent proactive, leading indicators (as opposed to lagging indicators). We measure the programme’s impact on performance, behavior, attitude, resistance, communication and leadership. We measure the impact across operator, front-line management and senior management. We present reports, insights and guidance to senior management.

  • Sustain

    Ongoing assistance to truly embed lasting change

    We provide ongoing assistance to ensure, that together, we embed lasting change; that best practice behaviours become habits and a sustainable, positive culture is created. We partner with you on a journey of best practice and continuous improvement. Fully engaging all in best practice to help your organisation achieve its full potential.

Thanks to SeaChange we now see unsafe behaviors before accidents or incidents occur Paul Kennedy, Project Manager, Danone Wexford

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