Health & Safety Visual Products

Job Safety Awareness  Posters (JSA)

Leading-edge visual aid of core Health & Safety Themes

JSAThe JSA pack contains a set of visual posters that clearly illustrate Best Practice behaviours and guidelines based on core safety themes:

  • General Site Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Slips Trips & Falls
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid
  • Wrongful Arrest
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting

These posters revolutionise H&S on site, making safe behaviours visible, accessible and trainable. Each poster has a specific Questionnaire on the reverse to enable safety training for all.


  • Core risks communicated to all in pictorial form
  • Clear, simple, easy to understand
  • Images of real people in real situations
  • A safety training tool
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Increased local ownership for safety
  • Posters housed in protective display boards


Corrective Safety Action board (CSA)

Tool for 24/7 Ownership for Safety



The CSA board is a tool specifically designed to encourage people to take ownership for and be proactive around safety in their area.

As a visual and transparent record of local safety concerns, it allows issues to be addressed on the ground and reduces safety-policing time for Management.



  • Facilitates risk identification & reporting
  • Clear visual record of safety concerns & issues
  • Allows correctives to be prioritised according to risk
  • Ensures issues are attended to
  • Increased local ownership for safety
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Whiteboard easily cleared to be re-written upon


Safety Action Team board (SAT)

Making H&S activity visible 24/7

SATAvailable as part of the ‘Safety Action Team’ pack, the SAT Board is a tool that accompanies the SAT Team Routines to focus on local risk assessment and risk/action prioritisation.

The SAT board visualises the SAT process in prioritising risk and setting best practice safe behaviour. Daily, weekly and monthly safety routines are established and activity is displayed on the SAT board. This visual communication tool acts as a transparent and proactive reference point, thus overcoming the significant problem of managing safety in organisations across multiple shift changes.



  • Local Ownership of safety priorities
  • Provides forum for local feedback
  • Displays priorities & tracks progress
  • Reference Point for Safe Behaviour
  • Enables preventive action before an accident occurs
  • Reduces Accidents, reduces Costs
  • Increases trust and morale
  • Increases communication around risk (e.g. near misses, corrective actions, safety behaviour feedback)
  • Interactive Board
  • Easy to use & durable


Red Zone Suite

Managing hi-risk conditions

red zoneSpecifically designed for hi-risk environments that can exist during any transitional period e.g. plant expansion, construction on site, the Red Zone Suite is used to heighten the awareness of safety and quality risks in the developing area.

A Red-Zone board communicates local risks and tracks progress on the actions to reduce those risks. The Red Zone suite is designed to achieve:



a)      Zero Accidents

b)      Zero Defects during any transitional period

The Red Zone dashboard tracks the progress of the transitional period from a safety & quality perspective.


Ergonomic Risk-Mapping Solution

Making ergonomics easily understood & manageable

ERWheelThis innovative, comprehensive and easily understood Report is created using the SeaChange Ergonomic Risk Grid & Workplace Wheel.


  • Simplifies ergonomic risk assessments
  • Highlights hi-risk areas
  • Prioritises local ergonomic risk
  • Makes recommendations for local improvements in ergonomics