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12 General Workforce Accident and Claim Trends in the Irish Retail Sector

12 General Workforce Accident and Claim Trends in the Irish Retail Sector
  1. 5% of the total reported workplace injury figure (9,143) occurred in the Retail Sector which is a rising trend over the last 5 years
  2. On average across sectors, 32% of all workplace injuries were due to manual handling however 44.8% occurred in Retail Sector (this figure was the highest frequency of manual handling injury type across all sectors)
  3. 43% of manual handling accidents that resulted in musculoskeletal injury were triggered by the incorrect lifting of a load
  4. 50% of all occupational illness relates to musculoskeletal ill-health
  5. The number of injuries causing four or more days’ absence from work reported to the HSA in 2017 increased by 9% compared to 2016
  6. In 2016, non-Irish national workers made up 15.5% of the Irish workforce. Of all non-fatal injuries reported to the HSA in 2016, 19% involved non-Irish national workers.
  7. According to PIAB the average EL claim in 2017 was €32,014. This represents a 24% increase from the average EL claim figure in 2010 of €24,374
  8. According to PIAB the frequency of EL claims in Ireland has increased by 34% from 807 EL claims in 2012 to 1,216 EL Claims in 2017
  9. According to PIAB back injury pay-outs range from minor (€14,800) to serious (€92,000). Manual handling injuries in retail often fall within the €35,000 – €75,000 range depending on circumstances with extreme variance on either side common
  10. Almost every year, manual handling injuries are the most common non-fatal injury. They account for approximately one third of all injuries. Slips, trips and falls was the second most common trigger, coming in at 18 per cent of all accidents.
  11. Recent analysis of the awards also indicated that shops, supermarkets and shopping centres are the top business premises for accidents that result in a public liability claim. Smaller numbers of accidents occur in nightclubs, bars, fast food outlets and restaurants
  12. Considering that the Retail Sector is most at risk from Manual Handling injuries and claims, and the pay-outs are climbing in frequency and value it is imperative to tackle this problem proactively

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